Monday, February 25, 2013

HP Firmware versions with PowerCLI

For documentation purposes  I needed BIOS and ILO versions of the vSphere environment.

I got the script from and combined some updates in the comments in the script so that it also shows which NetXen firmware and NetXen drivers are on the system. I adapted the script to give the info for all machines in the cluster, not just a single cluster.

Foreach ($strHostsClusterName in Get-Cluster){

Get-View -ViewType HostSystem -Property Name, Runtime.HealthSystemRuntime.SystemHealthInfo.NumericSensorInfo -SearchRoot (Get-View -ViewType ClusterComputeResource -Property Name -Filter @{"Name" = "^$([RegEx]::escape($strHostsClusterName))$"}).MoRef | %{

    $arrNumericSensorInfo = @($_.Runtime.HealthSystemRuntime.SystemHealthInfo.NumericSensorInfo)

    # HostNumericSensorInfo for BIOS, iLO, array controller

    $nsiBIOS = $arrNumericSensorInfo | ? {$_.Name -like "*System BIOS*"}

    $nsiArrayCtrlr = $arrNumericSensorInfo | ? {$_.Name -like "HP Smart Array Controller*"}

    $nsiILO = $arrNumericSensorInfo | ? {$_.Name -like "Hewlett-Packard BMC Firmware*"}

    $nsiNXdev = $arrNumericSensorInfo | ? {$_.Name -like "nx_nic device*"}

    $nsiNXdrv = $arrNumericSensorInfo | ? {$_.Name -like "nx_nic driver*"}

    # assume all at same level and take first or set as n/a

    if ( $nsiNXdev.Count -gt 0 ) {

       $nsiNXdevice = $nsiNXdev[0].Name

    } else {

       $nsiNXdevice = "n/a"


    if ( $nsiNXdrv.Count -gt 0 ) {

       $nsiNXdriver = $nsiNXdrv[0].Name

    } else {

    $nsiNXdriver = "n/a"


New-Object PSObject -Property @{

VMHost = $_.Name

"SystemBIOS" = $

"HPSmartArray" = $nsiArrayCtrlr.Name

"iLOFirmware" = $nsiILO.Name

"nx_nic device" = $nsiNXdevice

"nx_nic driver" = $nsiNXdriver

    } ## end new-object

} ## end Foreach-Object


If I feel like it, I'll someday add LSI Logic cards and such as well. For now, it got me the info I needed, without logging on to 20 servers ;-)

Run the script from PowerCLI, by first connecting to the vCenter (Connect-Viserver <vcenter>) and then ./fwscript.ps1 | Export-CSV d:\fwlist.csv

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  1. Thanks for this
    Do you know how to add the Hardware model number to this report?

    I looked at the "Runtime.HealthSystemRuntime.SystemHealthInfo.NumericSensorInfo" property and there is no hardware vendor and model mentioned in it.