Thursday, January 26, 2017

Getting rid of trailing spaces in CSV's with Powershell

There I was, banging my head against the table because I thought I was perfectly able to select stuff from a CSV file, but I could not figure out why my selections weren't showing the stuff I wanted. It turns out my CSV file entries were full of trailing spaces!

Googling around, I saw this in a forumpost somewhere, but to prevent me from losing it, I've put the script below:

$CSV = import-csv  'C:\scripts\trailingspaces.csv'
        $CSV | Foreach-Object {  
            $_.PSObject.Properties | Foreach-Object { $_.Value = $_.Value.Trim() }

$CSV | ConvertTo-Csv -UseCulture -NoTypeInformation | Out-File 'C:\scripts\trimmed.csv'

Yeay, no more going mad!


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